Goody Goodie cream & sugar Dessert Salon & Cafe


by Jill

Goody Goodie: In a city in which most restaurants don’t start serving brunch until 10 or 11 am, the early riser will need a delicious morning snack to tide her over until the real eating begins. Luckily pre-brunch options abound but in this land of plenty, one must choose wisely. For a reliably delicious pick, try Goody Goodie Cream & Sugar for waffles, brioche bombs and sticky buns that will make you glad you got out of bed in the morning. You can pick up some of their famous cookies to stash away for midday munching. Oh, and never fear, sleepyheads: their coffee is good too.


Stop Highlights

  • B-A-N-A-N-A-S: Liege waffle with caramelized bananas, crème fraiche and ganache
  • Pork Conserva Sandwich: Pork, slow cooked in wine & garlic, garnished with seasonal salad served on house made roll
  • Goody Goodie: cookie with blend of chocolates and roasted cocoa nibs

Tip: The popular pork conserva sandwich sells out so get there early or call ahead!